SLO County map using the Bootleaf template available on Github.



Note: This project was last updated in 2015, the information may not be up to date.

Leaflet map showing fuel reduction treatments in SLO County. Select between completed, planning, or proposed treatments and chipping piles.

Fire Fatalities


Interactive map of fire fatalities in the history of SLO County. Adapted from the Mapbox Sherlock tutorial on Github.

Fire Danger Operating Plan


Fire Danger Operating Plan information & material.

FCC Communication Towers

Project on Mapbox

Mapbox map of FCC communication towers (that could be treated for brush clearance) and CDF Communication sites in SLO County.

Mobile Homes, RV and Camp Sites


Leaflet map showing all mobile home parks and campgrounds in SLO County. Utilizes marker cluster.

Radio Coverage


Leaflet map showing radio coverage for different command stations.

Safe Refuge Areas

Project on Mapbox

Mapbox map showing safe refuge areas and pre-attack map coverage in SLO County.

Water Purveyors

Project on Carto

SLO County LAFCO data showing the service boundaries for private and public water systems.

West Cuesta Video Map


Mapbox geolocating video map along TV Tower Road.

5-Year Ignitions

Project on Cartodb

5-year vegetation ignitions density map.

Tree Mortality

Project on Mapbox

Areas of tree mortality and high hazard.

CA Fire History


California Fire History dating back to 1912.