Smokey The Bear


Smokey The Bear


This site pulls data from the WIMS Data Exchange Facility, the data uses Ignition Component and Staffing Levels to calculate an adjective fire rating for the different areas. This is more commonly known as Fire Danger and is denoted by Smokey The Bear's arm.

The Coastal Smokey Bear uses data from the San Luis Obispo RAWS station while the Inland Smokey bear uses data from the Las Tablas RAWS station. Smokey's arm points to the calculated adjective fire danger for the separate coastal and inland areas, it corresponds directly to the fire danger of that area.

Below are the adjective fire ratings for the past 30 and 90 days. The graphs show the 4 stations typically used in the Fire Danger Operating Plan(FDOP). La Panza and Las Tablas are considered inland staions while San Simeon and San Luis Obispo would be considered coastal stations.

Fire Danger Last 30 Days
Fire Danger Last 90 Days